Water Services We Offer

You need water, so what is the next step? We can help you at every stage to get water where you need it.

You have no water supply: We will visit your site free of charge or obligation to discuss your requirements. With over 80yrs of drilling experience combined with well records and geological data we will be able to determine the likely outcome of drilling at your site. We have our own percussion drilling rigs, mounted on the back of a small lorry which require a surprisingly small amount of room to access and operate on site.

You have an existing but unused well: We carry out a one-day test pumping to assess water yield from the unused well by lowering a small submersible pump in and then measuring the output of water. If an existing well does not yield sufficient water it does not necessarily mean that you have no groundwater, only that the current well is not tapping into that natural supply. Your well may need refurbishment or it may be preferable to drill a new borehole dependent on your decision.

You have a well that is currently in use, but the water quality needs checking or treatment: We offer water sampling and analysis. Some private supplies in Norfolk & Suffolk contain quite high levels of iron and/or manganese from the bedrock. This is often seen as orange staining in sinks and sanitary ware. We can supply, fit and maintain a large range of filtration equipment to remove trace elements, from simple taste and odour filters and reverse-osmosis filters for under sink fitting through to the Shakesby iron removal filters. Sometimes, customers who are moving to a property with a private groundwater supply for the first time will simply need reassurance that their water is of a high enough quality to drink. We are always happy to help.

We can also provide specialised UV treatment units.